British Columbia Steelhead Trout

British Colubia Steelhead TroutThe largest steelhead in the world are found in the Skeena River and her tributaries.

10 and 15 pound fish are common, with 20 pound fish a reasonable expectation. Skill, timing and luck play an important part of who catches those 20+ pound fish. Good guides always make a difference. Brad and Scott are the best steelhead guides I have ever fished with. They love their work and they celebrate every fish you catch. While a small steelhead of 10 pounds is capable of running off 100 yards of line in seconds, a large steelhead is a real challenge to land. The Skeena steelhead are uncommonly large, and the combination of aggressive fish and temperate conditions make this fishery a dry fly heaven. These sea run rainbow trout are known for furious strikes and aggressive, acrobatic fights. On a dry fly, the take is exhilarating. Any angler who has hooked a steelhead knows that these mighty fish are arguably the greatest fresh water sport fish in North America.

From March through November fresh, chrome bright steelhead are continuously entering the Skeena system. April through August, the king of all salmo, the Chinook Salmon is also available to bend your rod and test your mettle. Ranging from 20 to 80 pounds, a series of battles with Pacific King Salmon can make your arms feel like spaghetti.

Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

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Z Boat Lodge is located in Terrace British Columbia, two hours by commercial airline from Vancouver. The lodge is located on the banks of the Skeena with a panoramic view of this wild and powerful river. Five tributary rivers are also available, depending on where the fishing is hot. Convenient access, temperate weather conditions, and predictable runs of steelhead and salmon make Terrace, BC and Z Boat Lodge a world class destination for fly fishermen.

Brad and Kim Zeerip operate a client friendly operation. Brad and Scott will spare no effort to put their clients onto fish, and Kim provides delicious meals in the great room overlooking the Skeena River. Sleeping accommodations are clean and comfortable. The Terrace airport is only 10 minutes away by car. Rates are $3500 for 5 days / 6 nights during the regular season and $4000 for the peak of the summer; August 15 – October 15. Two handed spey rods are the most popular way to cover big water. They are easy to learn and fun to cast with. Z Boat Lodge has a dozen spey rods for your use. Brad and Scott will provide instruction. Bring your single hand fly rod or spinning gear for peace of mind. Leave with a newly learned skill that will change your philosophy on fly casting.

Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

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I will be hosting a trip during the week of October 12-18, 2009. Price to join me is $3500 per angler, plus travel costs. We will fish the Skeena and the Kalum for big, fresh steelhead. Expect to wear three layers in the morning and two in the afternoon. Our group will consist of 4 or 5 anglers on this trip. We will spend Sunday night in Vancouver to sample the flavor of Pacific Northwest culture. Monday we will travel on to Terrace and enjoy dinner at the Z Boat Lodge, overlooking the Skeena River. Tuesday through Saturday we will fish hard and return to the real world on Sunday. If you prefer to book another week, let me arrange your dates and advise you on preparation, logistics, and equipment. I am a booking agent for ZBoat Lodge, and my assistance does not cost you a dime. My objective is to insure that you are fully briefed and prepared for a once in a lifetime experience. Fishing the Skeena drainage system with Z Boat guides is an adventure without having to rough it.