My name is Austin Hepburn and I love the outdoors. I am a father, husband, adventurer and turtle enthusiast. As a youngster I cut my teeth fishing the Atlantic Seaboard for Blues, Stripers, and Tuna. One of my dreams as a youth was fishing Alaska, and I began my northern sojourn to the Last Frontier in the summer of 1978. My first trip to Alaska was as a commercial fisherman and later as an angler. I have explored and hunted in Kodiak, caught cutthroat trout in Southeast Alaska, and I have been returning to the Great Land ever since.

My real passion has always been angling for large anadromous trout- large wild Southeast Alaskan sea-run steelhead. I have fished most of the steelhead drainages of Southeast, and came to the conclusion that wild unmolested steelhead are often found in pristine hard to get to streams and rivers. I have frequented many fine lodges in Alaska and fished most of Alaska’s premier destinations.

I decided that the best way to access the remote rivers and streams of Southeast Alaska is with a mothership. The mothership should be large and comfortable.  I have carefully selected a safe, stable boat that can traverse the narrow passages and cross large bodies of water that separate the major islands of the Inside Passage.  Instead of long commutes from a permanent base, we anchor in secluded bays where a short boat ride can reach drainages where the fresh water fishing is undisturbed by human activity.  Like the turtle, we bring our house with us.  Moving our floating lodge to remote locations every few days provides privacy, comfort and a sense of adventure.

It has been my obsession to fish the uncommon water. I want to travel to the rivers that are not easy to access, fish the perfect stream that is off the beaten path. At Uncommonventures our mission is to provide that perfect adventure to take you to places you have only dreamed of.

Austin Hepburn