• guatemala sailfish fishingBillfish Destinations

    Marlin and sailfish are the pinnacle of big game fishing. Anglers who are willing to travel to the most productive destinations are generally going to enjoy the most success. Luck is always a factor, but through careful research and initiative we make our own luck. Many good billfish destinations have already been discovered.
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  • fly tying adult learning experienceLeadership on the Fly™

    brings  adult learning a more effective approach to business education.  We utilize nature as a role model for the improving business performance, by translating results focused business practices and expertise into interactive outdoor lessons.   ...Read More

  •  fly fishing alaska south-eastAlaska Fly Fishing Adventure

    You are stumbling downstream, knee deep in a strong current somewhere in the 17 million acre temperate rain forest called the Tongas National Forest.  Feel your 8 wt. line burning through your fingers as a ten pound torpedo is taking your fly, line and maybe even you downstream in a furious rush.  Hear yourself articulate the excitement of “Steelhead!”
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  • fly fishing adventures in chileChile Fly Fishing Adventure

    Chile is a world-class destination for fly fishing. I have fished this area and all I can say is: Chile is a unique flyfishing destination that must be experienced first hand to be appreciated. The people the food and wine…every angler must put Chile on their fishing priority list. . I will be hosting a few trips this year call me for dates and availability.    ...Read More

  • fishing for steelhead trout in British Columbia CanadaBritish Colombia Steelhead Fishing

    The largest steelhead in the world are found in the Skeena River and her tributaries. 10 and 15 pound fish are common, with 20 pound fish a reasonable expectation. Skill, timing and luck play an important part of who catches those 20+ pound fish. Good guides always make a difference. Brad and Scott are the best steelhead guides I have ever fished with. They love their work and they celebrate every fish you catch.
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  • About Austin Hepburn

    My name is Austin Hepburn and I love the outdoors. I am a father, husband, adventurer and turtle enthusiast. As a youngster I cut my teeth fishing the Atlantic Seaboard for Blues, Stripers, and Tuna. One of my dreams as a youth was fishing Alaska, and I began my northern sojourn to the Last Frontier in the summer of 1978. My first trip to Alaska was as a commercial fisherman and later as an angler.   ...Read More


Guatemala – Patagonia

January 28th 2013

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Cutting Edge Fly Fishing in Alaska

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Patagonian Adventure

March 6th 2012

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